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The Lead Generation Method That Can Double Your Nutraceutical Sales Within 3 Months

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We recently launched a new series about our agency's journey to the nutraceutical world Now let's discuss how we plan to get our first 10 clients - and how you can implement the same strategies in your nutraceutical businesses.

When we launched our revamped website a couple of months ago, we needed a way to generate leads that could be pre-qualified. In essence we needed a lead generation system that would not alienate prospects and a method to ask them, in a nice way, to provide us more information about their business, in exchange of a instant evaluation about their current situation.

Enter quizzes.

People love quizzes. These days the world wide web is full of quizzes - you can find anything from "which fish are you" to "how do you stack up against an elephant" type of quiz.

So we came up with a quiz that identifies key business areas, and challenges the quiz-takers to think for a solution, if they don't know the answer.

quiz for lead generation at centis.net
Centis Quiz At Home Page

With a powerful call to action like "Take A Free Assessment" we are directing visitors who own a nutraceutical business (like a nutraceutical manufacturer, a retailer or else) to answer a few questions and then see a set of results that are specifically addressed to their businesses.

Rather than selling our services, or having a CTA like "Click here for more" we are focusing on our prospects and we invite them to learn more on key business areas that need their attention.

In this way, we also appeal to a focused group of people - not the general business owner who will stumble upon our site - ours is only focused on the nutraceutical industry. So, 90% of our traffic is instantly disqualified! Which is a good thing, in our case.

Our quiz is similar to what we ask when we meet a prospect. It encourages the visitors who take it to take a hard, deep-dive look into their businesses and identify areas that they could improve - or ask us for help.

The nutraceutical business assessment quiz
One of the questions that you will find at the quiz.

The quiz has a total of 13 questions and takes less than 50 seconds to complete. Not bad for someone in a hurry and in need of a result.

At the end of it, instead of pushing prospects a service, we decided that the best course of action was to allow customers to make an informed decision. Currently, we explain what is missing, and we provide an option to speak with a marketing adviser for a free, no obligation 30 minute strategy session.

Later on, when we will have more content on our blog, quiz takers will be directed to our blog to read more about marketing for nutraceuticals.

How can you use this type of lead generation for your nutraceutical manufacturing website?

You start by identifying who is your ideal prospect. In our previous blog post, we identified that our customers from now on are businesses within the nutraceutical industry. Not farming businesses, not restaurants, not steel manufacturers, no filament manufacturers - nutraceuticals, only.

So your first step would be to clearly identify, who your ideal prospect is.

  • Who would you like to attract that he is ready to buy?
  • Who would be your ideal client in terms of financial, demographic and social situation?

For example, lets say you want to attract physical, brick and mortar vitamin shops. Or you want to attract international vitamin importers. Doesn't matter.

What you need to do is sit down with your marketing and sales team and identify the major problems your current prospects have, the ones that they email you or talk to you over the phone.

Then you simply put these in a form of questions in a logical order and you assign points to each one.

When you are done with that you use one of the countless business quizzes that exist out there such as , to name a few (not affiliated with):

All of the above have a free plan with limited functionality, and if you decide to go for it, they can change you anywhere between $19 - $99 /mo.

A free alternative to the above is Google Forms, but it lacks a results page based on answers. Below are some guides to get the hand of these, should you decide to go with the totally free route:

So what questions can you ask in your quiz? How can it be used for lead generation?

Well, off the top of my head, if you customer is a vitamin shop you could ask:

  • Who is your main supplier?
  • What products do you buy from them?
  • What is your best seller?

And then you could lead with statements like the following:

  • You feel that you are not getting enough support by the distributor
  • Your margins are thin, and you would love to be able to add an extra 20%
  • You always wanted to be able to sell your own supplements but you felt you couldn't support it

At the end of the quiz, you add an email form and you get a qualified lead which you can email to - provided you HAVE an email marketing database.

Moving on with Centis' quiz analysis...

What happens if the prospect decides to talk to an adviser?

It's simple. The marketing experts talk with the prospect about his business, and try to identify his/her needs by asking a series of thought - provoking questions.

If we are in position to offer a solution, we will immediately tell the prospect how to fix it with their current team.

If the adviser can match the prospect's needs with our services, we will simply point out what Centis Digital can do - but that's it. It is up to the prospect to decide, and all our advisers have been trained not to be pushy, but engage into a consultative approach that takes the burden off the prospect's shoulders.

But that's not the end of it.

When the quiz-taker finishes his quiz, he gets a gentle email with the results and a second email that reminds him to either book a call with us, or visit our blog posts.

In the future, as I said earlier, when we will have more content on the blog, we will link to specific articles that are tied to the quiz and the answers that were generated.

For example, if a business is not using KPIs, then a blog post explaining what KPIs are, examples, and how can be used will be sent directly to the prospect's inbox.

Talking advanced email marketing :-)

Well, one more thing.

When prospects take the quiz, they are automatically segmented into buckets, based on their answers.

Currently, the categories or buckets we use are problem-specific, like conversion problems, or managerial problems or traffic problems.

So, when each prospect gets inside a category, or bucket, he is entering a specific marketing campaign that specifically addresses his problem.

Of course, situation changes, businesses changes and eventually, in a time in future the prospect may not have the same problem as before - which will make the segmentation obsolete, and then he will be moved to the "general marketing" bucket.

You can use the same process to whether you have a B2B business or you are selling to the consumer. The only thing that changes are the questions and the outcomes.

So, I hear an online retailer ask: "how can I apply this last step to my business? It doesn't apply to me".

Yes it does. You can use it too for lead generation of B2C clients.

Lets say that by the end of the quiz, you redirect the user to a specific outcome. Lets say that they have a blood sugar problem.

You can either take the soft approach and present them with a score, like "Your score is 47 of 100. You have a serious blood sugar control problem and we advise talking to your doctor, as soon as possible" and then you recommend a few blog posts from your blog, OR take the hard -sell approach, and redirect them to a blood sugar page where you clearly state their problem and you recommend your solution.

Here is a similar quiz we use in our own brand for lead generation for B2C, Vitalis Nutraceuticals:

vitalis nutra quiz

In either way, I recommend split testing this and see which converts better.

So this concludes our post for today. I hope I was able to expand your horizons on how you can use "simple" lead generation systems, like quizzes, and how far and deep you can reach your marketing levels.

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