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Sal Georgiou

Two Reasons Why Our Agency Turned To The Nutraceuticals Market

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I couldn't see myself filling some definite niche in what is called a career. This was all misty.
- Carl Sandburg

When I decided to turn my 4 year-old marketing consultancy career into a full fledged digital marketing agency, things got nasty.

We were struggling to find our place in a sea of sameness, and we just took in anyone with a budget and a willingness to go digital.

So I had a long and hard look at what I LOVE, and not what everyone else was doing. I wanted to build something bigger, something that could really help others grow exponentially.

And the answer was right in front of me for two whole years that I was running my own agency.

Since I was a kid, I was very much interested in chemistry and engineering. I remember one weekend I would mix up detergents and waiting for a boom, and then next I would build a very basic wooden plane. I just love to build things.

As years went by and I was building my career in marketing, I experienced the tragic loss my now ex-girlfriend's mother from diabetes, my best friend's daughter suffering from an illness that prevents her from eating most of the foods we eat, and so forth.

So, a couple of years ago, I decided that it was time to follow my second passion and get my hands dirty with my own nutraceutical brand, Vitalis, which was a side project - but I put a great care in creating it, dedicating six whole months working afternoons and weekends.

The answer was there - I would focus my agency to help nutraceutical manufacturers, suppliers and retailers grow, as I got a considerable experience working in building my own nutra-brand.

If You Are A Nutraceutical Manufacturer or A Retailer Struggling to Grow Your Business, This Blog May Be The Best You Will Read.

struggling to grow your nutraceutical business

The good news is that this blog is going to be one of a kind. Surely there are hundreds of blogs about digital marketing, but none covering digital marketing for the nutraceutical market.

Looking around other blogs in the industry, I realised that they inundated with confusing terms, and "buy my product" type of posts.

This blog is dedicated to the growth of nutraceutical businesses - the manufacturers, the suppliers, and the retailers.

Our blog posts will be designed to provide massive value. Our future clients don’t really care about what we do. What they do care is our ability to improve their lives, help them to do their jobs better, and make their businesses succeed.

It's going to cover everything you don't know - effective marketing strategies and tactics that will help you approach your ideal customers, build trust, authority and leadership so as they convert and stay with you for the long run.

This blog post will separated into two categories: B2B marketing for nutraceutical manufacturers and B2C marketing for retailers, both with physical locations and online.

A Nutraceutical Startup Path To Its First $50,000 Revenue

setting targets for a nutraceutical start up brand

As we start promoting Vitalis, our own nutraceutical brand, as it was our first customer, the first thing we would advise someone who wants to hire us, is to have a viable target.

For us, a $50,000 mark for the first year is quite OK. Its not massive, but given the challenges we have put (minimum dollar spend in ads and more hands on work towards organic growth) we feel that this is something we can work with.

Next year, we can double that. The following we can quadruple it.

That doesn't mean we won't be making bold moves to hit a larger goal within our time frame - that would be a pleasant surprise, and it will give us the strength to move on.

Here's What You'll Learn

Starting with our next post, we’ll outline how -- exactly -- you will go where you need to be. We’ll talk about the strategies and tactics you will apply, and the lessons we learned from the past and how can they be adapted to your situation, including:

  • How you can generate clients via social media
  • How launching a community helps the nutraceutical industry move forward.
  • The mistakes we made designing a retail website that didn't convert (and how you can avoid the same mistake)
  • Feedback from a retail perspective on what most manufacturers miss

Starting from the next blog we will outline hundreds of tests that we will run on both websites, and we will publish the results here, whatever the outcome. We aim for complete transparency, so we will share our successes and failures.